Compiling Icecast2 with FLV enabled

The new FLV enabled Icecast (KH branch) has a snag with CentOS. Use the special make command as shown below.

tar -zxf icecast-2.3.2-kh23-flv.tar.gz
cd icecast-2.3.2-kh23-flv
make install

13 Responses to Compiling Icecast2 with FLV enabled

  1. Christian says:

    The link seems to be broken. Could you make the file available, I’d be willing to mirror it in my host then.


    1. Randy says:

      KH24 and up includes FLV code. Be sure to thank Karl by making a donation.

  2. dl says:

    Which source client are u suggesting when using flv ?
    Any AS3 Examples on how to play and read the cue points and metadata form the broadcasted flv?

    1. Randy says:

      You can use any source client you wish. There are no special requirements other than a standard MP3 or AAC/AACp stream. The FLV Icecast server handles the FLV encapsulation.

      As for extracting metadata you can do it using JWplayer and javascript hooks quite easily. How it works? I would suggest looking at JWplayer source.

  3. dl says:

    Thanks Randy for your answer,
    how about reading the cue points ?

  4. dl says:

    >I would suggest looking at JWplayer source.
    done but not found , the code is quite complex.

    Some simple example would be very helpful.

    1. Randy says:

      Check this for a working example of extracting metadata:

      I am not sure about queue points; if it is different than metadata I do not think it is supported with Icecast FLV. However, you can use the metadata to do much more than artist and title. You can push any kind of metadata you want from the source client, then modify the javascript to update text, images, urls, ect.

  5. dl says:

    I considered cue points since I like to have one big audio file which is a DJ Mix.
    To be able to display the tracknames I would have to use the cue-points since one audio file would only have one metadata section. Or is that possible to have multiple Metadata in one FLV ?

  6. Randy says:

    You can send metadata as often as you like. It’s completely up to the source client.

    So….Design your source to read cue points and send new metadata on each cue.

    Make sense?

  7. dl says:

    Ok sounds great, but which source client for windows can read cue-points and send them as metadata?

  8. Randy says:

    Not sure… but you could try Winamp and install the mp3cue and edcast plugins.

  9. dl says:

    do you know someone who know how to extract the metadata out of the flv stream using actionscript ?

  10. Dnlx says:
    tar -zxf icecast-2.3.2-kh23-flv.tar.gz

    broken link!