How to completely uninstall .NET Framework

It would appear that Microsoft likes to keep files needed for critical core functionality of .NET, in folders called ‘temp’.

I ran into an issue where contents of a bulging temp folder were deleted, in turn destroying all installed versions of .NET. Windows Update began failing, and the ability to update or reinstall .NET was completely lost through the conventional means of Add/Remove Programs, ect.

I was about 30 minutes from buying a Mac, until I found a Nuke button for .NET. This nice little tool is called ‘’.


After running this tool which completely erases all traces of every version of .NET, you can reinstall .NET through Windows Update.

I also found a nice tool called ‘Windows Install Clean Up’ that will wipe out any non-.NET application, if you’re having issues with the Add/Remove Programs function of any application in your Windows control panel.

Download msicuu2.exe.

Both of these tools weren’t particularly easy to find (Microsoft removed the latter from their site). Hopefully this helps someone else in a similar situation.

4 Responses to How to completely uninstall .NET Framework

  1. Colby says:

    Thank you so much!! I couldnt of fixed my laptop without your help, A+ on your efforts! 🙂

  2. Jos van Hout says:

    Great ! This worked for me. Frustrating stuff solved at last!

  3. sanskar says:

    Thanks Human…Is there a clean up tool for 4.5 version too?

  4. Jon says:

    Thank you!! These 2 little tools saved my sanity. I couldn’t get >NET Core 1.0.0 RC1 to uninstall nor get RC2 to install. This fixed it!