Cpanel: Clear out catch-all and default email

Cpanel creates a default address inbox for each domain consisting of the Cpanel user’s primary username. This address is not used for normal email, rather as a catch-all (if enabled) or a sink-hole for delivery failures or auto-generated mail from scripts. It is fairly safe to regularly empty out these mailboxes, and it will free up significant space for some domains:

find /home/*/mail/new/ -type f -print0 | xargs -0 rm 

2 Responses to Cpanel: Clear out catch-all and default email

  1. Mike says:

    when i try that command gives me result.
    rm: missing operand
    Try `rm –help’ for more information.

  2. jake mathews says:

    try just:
    find /home/*/mail/new/ -type f -print -delete

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