Clean upgrade from SAM3 to SAM4 with playlist in-tact

SAM4 has a slightly different database format and filesystem layout than SAM3. You should not try an in-place upgrade, or bad things can happen. The best way to upgrade if you have a large or refined playlist, is to install SAM4 along side SAM3 and copy the playlist tables over. This way you can leave SAM3 running while you install and set up SAM4’s settings and encoders, then make a clean cutover without losing your audience.

1. First, install SAM4 in it’s own location, separate from SAM3. For example, c:\program files\spacial audio\SAMBC4

2. When launching SAM4 for the first time, you MUST define custom MySQL database settings. Change the default database name from SAMDB to SAMDB4

3. Dump your SAM3 playlist with the following command (mysql/bin must be in your path):

mysqldump -u root --database SAMDB --table songlist --table category --table categorylist --skip-extended-insert --complete-insert --no-create-db --no-create-info > SAM3_songs.sql

4. Import the playlist into SAM4:

mysql -u root SAMDB4 < SAM3_songs.sql

5. Now, press F5 on the SAM4 playlist window to see your songs. Be sure to run ‘Tools -> Mass Tagger -> Load ALL Tags’

6. Configure all settings and encoders, set encoders to auto connect. Start one of the decks.

7. Shut down SAM3.

Now SAM4 should connect and take over your streams.

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