Portable Wifi KVM-over-IP with Serial Console and Network Bridge

Spider KVM’s are already very cool as they are — KVM, virtual media, and serial console with a flawless web/Java client. But if you strap on a Wifi bridge, it’s way cooler. As a bonus you get wireless network access via the Cascade port — anyone who has done an emergency router or switch replacement should know how much of a life saver this could be.

3 Responses to Portable Wifi KVM-over-IP with Serial Console and Network Bridge

  1. harvinder singh says:

    Dear Randy

    I am very impressed with your invention. I have a similar device, the adderlink kvm over ip connected to a wireless 3g sim router with a static fix ip simcard. My problem is the device is way too big . The one you have is a prefect size. Does your wifi bridge have a simcard inside and can it be accessed from anywhere? If you me can make me one as small as yours or even smaller, I am willing to pay good money.

    Many Thanks


    1. Randy says:

      Right now I use in-building wifi but I suppose a 3g/4g hotspot with static IP could get this wifi-spider-kvm online anywhere with cell service.

  2. Mebin says:

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