Reset Supermicro IPMI password with ipmitool

This will set the ‘ADMIN’ user password back to default of ‘ADMIN’. You could set it to anything you want, this is just an example.

yum -y install ipmitool
modprobe ipmi_devintf
ipmitool -I open user set password 2 ADMIN

2 Responses to Reset Supermicro IPMI password with ipmitool

  1. Guy says:

    Ran: modprobe ipmi_devintf

    Getting: fatal: ipmi_devintf not found

    1. Randy says:

      Modern kernels have it built in, so that step might not be needed. Just make sure /dev/ipmi exists. I would also recommend using ipmicfg (supermicro’s own utility) for managing supermicro IPMI.

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