Syncing All MySQL Databases Between two Cpanel Servers

After you do a WHM multi-site transfer, you may want to resync all the MySQL databases before doing a DNS change. Here’s a quick and easy way to sync each Cpanel user’s databases on the new Cpanel server. After manually setting up a remote mysql root user on the original server (and opening a firewall port if needed), run this command on the NEW server.

cat /var/cpanel/databases/dbindex.db | grep -E ': .+' | awk '{FS=": ";print $1}' |[ \t]+|:)/, "")};1' | xargs -L 1 /root/ <remote_host> <remote_root_pass>

If you only want to sync (or resync) one or two databases, you can copy /var/cpanel/databases/dbindex.db to a different location and edit it as needed.

Here’s the bash sync script required for this command:

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