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Cpanel/Exim with external spam filtering appliances

We have a unique setup at my work.  All of the webhosting appliances have built in spam-filtering software.  However, we have external spam-filtering appliances that are 99% more effective.  It makes sense to keep CPU intensive spam filtering off of the webhosting servers which should be focusing their efforts on serving up PHP and MySQL […]

Image Gallery

I just added an image gallery to the site. There aren’t any pics yet but hopefully I’ll get around to adding some. Here

Building and Installing LiquidSoap on CentOS5

So I spend nearly half of an otherwise productive day fighting dependency hell with LiquidSoap.  I haven’t tested it yet but here’s a cleaned up and organized command history of how it happened: ## Liquid soap install cd /usr/src rpm -Uhv yum install automake pkgconfig ncurses ncurses-devel ocaml ocaml-camlp4 ocaml-labltk libtheora libtheora-devel libao libao-devel […]

Non-stop rain?

So it’s been raining for like 8 days straight here in Maryland.  Is it ever going to stop?  Is Noah on his way just in case my house floats away?  I should have bought that flood insurance…

Convert Single disk to RAID on Live Linux Server

Warning!  If you don’t have a full backup of the data on your server, DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS!  If you’re not familiar with basic disk utilities (fdisk, grub, ect) DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS!  If you don’t have KVM access in case something goes wrong, DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS!  Although I have checked my instructions for […]

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