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X9SCM / X9SCL Network Timeout

Supermicro X9SCM and X9SCL main boards will lose network connection after some heavy traffic, especially on RHEL/CentOS 6. Updating BIOS and driver will not always fix this: Oct 19 18:32:49 zeus kernel: ————[ cut here ]———— Oct 19 18:32:49 zeus kernel: WARNING: at net/sched/sch_generic.c:267 dev_watchdog+0x26d/0x280() (Not tainted) Oct 19 18:32:49 zeus kernel: Hardware name: X9SCL/X9SCM […]

IIS6 Directory Listing Timeout with Windows Firewall

This issue comes up every so often. No matter what, even if you manually define all the passive ports in Windows firewall, add an exception for inetinfo.exe, the works, certain directory listings still hang on the client end. This issue is apparent only with the Firewall enabled — disabling the firewall allows the listings to […]

Intel D945GCLF Ethernet timeouts; firmware bug

The Intel D945GCLF (Atom 230) main board has a serious bug in the Realtek gigabit NIC firmware. Any sustained transfer over 100Mbps will eventually cause the NIC to go offline until the network stack is reloaded or machine rebooted. I reproduced the issue in CentOS, Debian, and Windows. No driver fixes the issue; you have […]