Arbitrary MIME support for aacplus streaming with libshout and perl bindings

If you want to be able to support alternative stream types (such as AACplus) using libshout-2.2.2, you’ll need a patch to add a ‘mime’ method. You can then manually set the mime-type for arbitrary stream types. I also included a minor change which sends ‘content-type’ headers to Shoutcast/ICY stream servers, which is required for Shoutcast server support of AACplus streams:

libshout-2.2.2 patch

Additionally, if you’re streaming through Perl, the Perl bindings (Shout-2.1) will also have to be patched similarly both for mime support and for support of the ‘send-raw’ method which is required for non-mp3/ogg streaming. For some reason, send-raw was left out:

Shout-2.1 patch

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