Windows Vista through Windows 10 Boot Repair

After cloning a larger HDD to a smaller SSD, you will most likely face a blinking cursor or other boot issues.   The following steps should get you back on track from a rescue command prompt:

bootrec.exe /fixmbr
bootsect.exe /nt60 all /force
bootrec.exe /rebuildbcd

If you are getting integrity check errors on winload.exe, you can try this:

bcdedit.exe /set {bootmgr} nointegritychecks ON
bcdedit.exe /set {default} nointegritychecks ON 

If you are having registry issues (complaining that it’s corrupt or missing), you can try the following (assuming your system drive is C):

bcdedit.exe /set {bootmgr} device partition=C:
bcdedit.exe /set {default} device partition=C:
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