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Vanilla Kernel on CentOS

If compiling a Vanilla kernel for CentOS, you may encounter the following after rebooting: Setuproot: moving /dev failed: No such file or directory Setuproot: error mounting /proc: No such file or directory Setuproot: error mounting /sys: No such file or directory […] Kernel panic – not syncing: Attempted to kill init! To resolve the booting […]

Cpanel: Error invalid maildir size file

Sometimes an email account goes over quota and the quota can’t be adjusted due to the following error: Error invalid maildir size file The following commands ran as root will resolve most email quota issues for a Cpanel account, including incorrect quota calculations. Substitute <cpaneluser> with the Cpanel user which owns the email account having […]

Cpanel: Install mod_geoip for PHP

First, install the Maxmind GeoIP database. mkdir /usr/local/share/GeoIP cd /usr/local/share/GeoIP wget gzip -d GeoIP.dat.gz wget gzip -d GeoLiteCity.dat.gz wget tar -C /var/cpanel/easy/apache/custom_opt_mods -xzf custom_opt_mod-mod_geoip.tar.gz Then, recompile Apache and PHP. /scripts/easyapache

Cpanel: Clear out catch-all and default email

Cpanel creates a default address inbox for each domain consisting of the Cpanel user’s primary username. This address is not used for normal email, rather as a catch-all (if enabled) or a sink-hole for delivery failures or auto-generated mail from scripts. It is fairly safe to regularly empty out these mailboxes, and it will free […]

Asterisk: Call rejected, CallToken Support required.

When connected with peers running older versions of Asterisk, the following error might come up and inbound calls from the peer are rejected: ERROR[xxxxx] chan_iax2.c: Call rejected, CallToken Support required. If unexpected, resolve by placing address x.x.x.x in the calltokenoptional list or setting user guest requirecalltoken=no To resolve this, place the following in iax_custom.conf and […]

Cpanel: Undefined subroutine &Compress::Zlib::gzopen

On a particular Cpanel box I occasionally receive the following when attempting to install or update any Perl module — whether initiated by myself or by Cpanel: Undefined subroutine &Compress::Zlib::gzopen The fix is to remove all traces of Compress:Zlib with the following command: rm -rf `find /usr/lib/perl5/ | grep Compress | grep Zlib` When this […]