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Pacemaker / Corosync / DRBD Cheatsheet

Monitor the status: crm_mon Migrate all resources to another node: crm resource migrate rg_main <fqdn_node_name> Take node offline and online (be careful, this sets a ‘prefer’ to the other node to force a transition, which may or may not get removed afterwards): crm node standby crm node online Start and stop all resources (warning, this […]

Exchange 2012 Allow Relay from IP

Enable mail relaying from a specific IP or range of IPs. 1. Exchange Management Console -> Server Configuration -> Hub Transport 2. New Receive Connector * Set remote network to the IP or range you want to allow relay from (default is any IP so watch out here) * “Externally Secured” authentication * “Exchange Servers” […]

Strong Password Encryption in PHP

Don’t try to reinvent a complex and highly refined wheel, especially when customer data is involved. Please use phpass on any PHP project. (that’s PH-Pass) Good reading for password hashing in general.

AS Number Stats on Linux

I’ve got a couple of Linux machines that are sitting outside of the Sflow ‘zone’ and AS traffic stats go unmeasured. I wanted to get a rough idea on the number of connections per AS number so here’s a little app that parses netstat and sorts AS numbers by number of connection. NOTE1: This won’t […]

Simple Monitoring with Email Alerts that works on LSI MegaRAID and Adaptec

This tool will poll the output of command(s) or URL(s), and send email alerts if the output changes, contains (or not contains) certain text, or becomes unavailable. It’s a light weight, reliable monitoring replacement for the pile of garbage most RAID vendors include with their cards. Complex excludes and finds can be specified as Perl […]