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Cpanel / SuPHP Part 2 – Fix Ownership Issues

In addition to the correct chmod of files and folders (see part 1), you must ensure that all public_html files and folders have the correct (user and group) ownership.  The following Perl code will eliminate nobody/root ownership.  Place the Perl script into your /home directory and execute it. #!/usr/bin/perl -w my @dirs = grep -d,<*>; […]

Cpanel/Exim with external spam filtering appliances

We have a unique setup at my work.  All of the webhosting appliances have built in spam-filtering software.  However, we have external spam-filtering appliances that are 99% more effective.  It makes sense to keep CPU intensive spam filtering off of the webhosting servers which should be focusing their efforts on serving up PHP and MySQL […]

Building and Installing LiquidSoap on CentOS5

So I spend nearly half of an otherwise productive day fighting dependency hell with LiquidSoap.  I haven’t tested it yet but here’s a cleaned up and organized command history of how it happened: ## Liquid soap install cd /usr/src rpm -Uhv yum install automake pkgconfig ncurses ncurses-devel ocaml ocaml-camlp4 ocaml-labltk libtheora libtheora-devel libao libao-devel […]